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The Right Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Home makeovers are necessary to keep your house up to date and looking fresh. The kitchen carries the most weight and the kitchen cabinets are the centerpiece of the room since they occupy the most space. However, you should know how to paint kitchen cabinets if you want them to look new and beautiful, but in case you don’t know, our company is ready to handle the process efficiently for you while you sit and relax! Below are some of the processes we go through!

Prep The Kitchen

This is the most crucial step towards kitchen cabinet painting. We take our time to ensure this step is done properly. Prepping the kitchen involves covering the paint-free areas, dusting the surfaces, cleaning the grease and removing the cabinets.
When we remove the cabinet drawers, we label them to make the work easier when putting them back. The hinges, handles and knobs also need to be removed and if that is not possible, we just cover them.


Repairs And Sanding

We fix any imperfections. This is one of the most important steps when painting oak cabinets, and wood cabinets in general. A wood filler is used to fix the holes, so as the surface can be smooth. After that, we fix any other imperfection there is.
The final prep stage is to sand the cabinets for better paint bonding. As professionals, we ensure the sandpaper we use isn’t too coarse as it will damage the wood. After then a task cloth and a vacuum is used to remove the sanding dust.

Painting And Applying Primer

When prepping is done, and we have covered all the areas, we then proceed to paint. This is done with the right painting tools for the job. A soft brush, roller, spray painter, your favorite color and primer. All these will depend on your taste.
In case you have been searching for the best cabinet painters near me, you can be certain that you have found one of the best. We specialize in this tedious service. Our staff is well equipped and qualified to handle any type of Kitchen Cabinets.

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